Deliverable 5.5

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Innovation and price analysis model

Executive Summary

Building on the consumer analysis conducted in WP4 and in particular in Task 4.4, this deliverable provides a deeper analyse of the willingness-to-pay (WTP) of consumers, and consequently the price that producers may charge in different markets. This has been done by analysing in-depth the relationship between the various product attributes and WTP.

In particular, we have provided three deeper analysis, namely 1) the WTP estimates by segment, for each country, included in Table 1; 2) own-and cross-choice market elasticities, for each species, country and segment, included in Table 2; and 3) competitive clout and vulnerability score, estimated for each species, country and segment.

Finally, this deliverable also provides instructions, already circulated to the Syntesa partners, on how to implement these models into the PrimeDSS in WP6.

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