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Work Package 6 - Development of PrimeDSF


General information

In WP6 a Decision Support Framework (PrimeDSF) is developed which contains the models from WP5 as well as method descriptions, assumptions and guidelines. PrimeDSF is thus the container for the main durable outputs generated in the project. The statistical simulation and prediction models compiled in WP5 are implemented into usable tools for ‘what-if’ analysis in general. The consequent Decision Support Systems (PrimeDSS) will be developed as software tools to be used by fishermen, producers and other stakeholders to understand and predict seafood market behaviour. The specific objectives are:

  • Describe and define formats for aggregate and detailed data from selected case studies for the PrimeDSF.
  • Develop the PrimeDSF as a container for the main durable outputs of the PrimeFish project.
  • Specify, develop and test the PrimeDSS as an operational web based software tool with key user groups.
  • Evaluate and refine based on relevant indicators for the added value of the toolbox.
  • Prepare PrimeDSF and PrimeDSS for utilisation beyond project PrimeFish.


D6.1 - PrimeDSF (documentation): (Confidential report)

The PrimeDSF is the container for the main durable outputs of this project, and in addition to the PrimeDSS it contains the models underlying the tool, as well as method descriptions, assumptions, guidelines, recommendations and other relevant knowledge generated in the project

D6.2 - Software specifications for the prototype PrimeDSS: (Confidential report)

PrimeDSS is specified on the basis of the FACI and the statistical simulation and prediction models compiled in WP5

D6.3 - Prime DSS (software): (Confidential report)

The PrimeDSS will be developed according to the specification in Task 6.2. It will be an inter-active, user friendly web-based tool which will enable tests and comparisons of multiple scenarios with a focus on the impact of human activities in terms of stakeholders’ interest variables.

D6.4 - Evaluation of added value

A report on key value performance indicators for added value of the PrimeDSS in order to monitor and evaluate the toolbox. Building on the co-creation process in WP7 and the information from the case study an impact assessment on socio-economic and innovation will be conducted with respect to the effects on the competitive advantages for the 5 cases studies.

D6.5 - IPR strategy

The actual implementation of the PrimeDSS will be the intellectual property of one of the project participants and it will be commercially exploited beyond the lifetime of the project. The collected data as well as the methods, assumptions, models and algorithms that the PrimeDSS builds on and the rest of the PrimeDSF will be public and open knowledge available to anyone at project end.

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