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=== [http://www.dsf.primefish.eu/w/images/d/da/7.VoluntaryLabellingCertificationStrategy_BlueGrowthBrussels_FM9Oct18_Short.pdf Download Presentation] ===
=== [http://dsf.primefish.cetmar.org/w/images/d/da/7.VoluntaryLabellingCertificationStrategy_BlueGrowthBrussels_FM9Oct18_Short.pdf Download Presentation] ===

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Voluntary labelling, Certification & Strategic Positioning

Certification is an element of CSR shared goal of improving business practice – although differs in the sense that in CSR the business rather than the consumer leads the change – in theory! Borne of a legislative vacuum & loss of confidence in nation states to internalise non-economic considerations valued by society. Supports ethical consumption & production by integrating social & environmental issues. Other emergent/ growth areas: organoleptic qualities, animal welfare, halal foods….

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