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Welcome to the PrimeFish Decision Support Framework.

The PrimeFish wiki.


PrimeFish project is developing an innovative market orientated prediction toolbox. It allows to strengthen the economic sustainability and competitiveness of European Seafood on Local and Global markets.

The Wiki

The PrimeFish project aims to transfer the developed science and technology to Seafood agents, decision-makers and general audience, whilst enhancing the seafood consumption. In particular, the Learning Resources Centre is a multi-platform designed for learning on the PrimeFish outcomes.

As the PrimeFish evolved, different tools will be developed for improving the awareness of the project and to further use among researchers, fishing associations, producers, managers and interested public, including peer-educators.

The Learning Resources Centre includes all training material in this accessible platform. A series of webinars and quick-start tutorial videos (friendly and short video tutorials) will be available. Additionally, scheduled events will be recorded and stored in this section.

The overarching goal is to identify shortcomings of the Seafood market, discuss ideas on how to improve the competitiveness and the economic performance, exploring how the stakeholders can participate and learn of PrimeFish. If you want to contribute with any material, please contact us at

Getting Started

The PrimeFish wiki uses MediaWiki (the same as Wikipedia) for it's main engine. For help on usage, how to create articles, add links and more, visit the help page by clicking the Navigation Menu -> Help in any page or clicking Here.

To upload files, click the cog menu on the right -> Upload file or click Here. You can also click the Special Pages sub-menu for more tools.

If you just want to create a page, create a link with the name wanted for the page, click the link and then click edit on the side menu. You can also change "PrimeFish_Wiki" in your browser URL to the name desired for the page and hit enter. E.g.:

If you need any support or want to report a bug, please feel free to contact the administrators.