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WP2 analyses economic performance of the European fisheries and aquaculture sectors using aggregate data obtained from available public sources as well as detailed data from individual companies. This will allow for comparison of the performance of these sectors within Europe, as well as between European countries and other relevant international players. In particular, detailed analysis of growth, productivity and forefront efficiency, using parametric and non-parametric methods, will be conducted on individual European case studies of the chosen species and compared with the performance of Canadian cod and Vietnamese pangasius producers. Additionally, WP2 analyses historically the behaviour of seafood prices in general, as well as the development of market prices of the chosen species, focusing especially on the “boom and bust” cycles characteristics. The outcome of the WP will be critical factors and bottlenecks in the economic performance of the salmon, freshwater trout, cod, sea-bass and bream and herring sectors (SO2).


  • Compare the economic performance of selected European pelagic (herring) fisheries.
  • Compare the economic performance of selected European demersal (cod) fisheries to the performance of the EasternCanadian demersal (cod) fisheries.
  • Compare the economic performance of selected species farmed in Europe (sea bass/sea bream, salmon and freshwatertrout) to pangasius farmed in Vietnam.
  • Study the behavior of seafood prices in general and the development of market prices for the selected species, cod,herring, salmon, trout, sea bass/ sea bream as well as shell fish, focusing especially on the factors characterizing the observed “boom and bust” cycles.


  1. Economic performance of selected individual sector.
    • Demersal (cod) fisheries
    • North Atlantic pelagics (herring)
    • Freshwater trout
    • Atlantic salmon
    • European seafood market
  2. Identifying and characterizing “boom and bust” cycles.
    • Boom and bust” cycles.
    • Impact of macro-economic effects on “boom-and-bust” cycles
    • Price transmission and market integration


  • Report on the development of prices & volumes in the European fishery & aquaculture market
  • Report on the economic performance of selected European and Canadian fisheries
  • Report on the economic performance of selected European and Vietnamese farmed species
  • Report on “boom and bust” cycles for selected European fisheries and aquaculture species
  • Manuscript to a peer-reviewed journal on “boom-and-bust” cycles in European seafood markets